Clan News


October 16, 1999

Ok, we have a serious problem commuication has been completely broken down.  I haven't seen ANYONE on icq for weeks. Lets do this tommorw lets be on ICQ at 3:00 P.S.T. then we can all set up a clan game to gets things back together.

Lance (desertstalker) Gilbert

September 29, 1999

Me, Jiba, and XtheOWL have decided to go on an all out recuiting campaign.  We're going to try to recruit as many members a possible through the sign-up page.  This process is usually easier and faster than normal E-mail recruiting. Remember to write the webpage address somewhere safe so if your get a member you can give them the address.  Also we also need to recruit servers. With servers tell them to put the word server where they would otherwise put their gaming name. This is very important because other wise I would have to sort that out through e-mal which could take weeks longer. Of course if the automatic method doesn't work for them just have them e-mail me at it for now.

- Lance (Desertstalker) Gilbert

September 21, 1999

Ok Here's the scoop.  Jiba will soon have administrative right to this page. That is why you saw my name at the bottom of the post.  Second we now have a custom map about 85% completed.  Alex and I are currently working on the finishing touches of the map.  When it's completed I'll post a link on the webpage.  We have a few new members that should be on the members page soon.  If something doesn't work, or something is missing don't e-mail me. Trust me I know already if it's there.  I'm having alot of trouble with the site so don't be suprised if you run into trouble.  Also GREAT news the sign-up page is now FULLY operational. Just enter the information in and press send.  I will get the e-mail in my mailbox within 24 hours.  If I don't get back to you within 24 hours e-mail me at    Well thats it for now.

- Lance (Desertstalker) Gilbert

August 30, 1999

The page is almost up! I have 3 pages done as of "3:50 P.M. P.S.T. More will be on the way soon! Update: Just got a Dedicated Server!! Start looking for the "{JBC} James Bond Unreal Clan Server" We'll be playing team games mostly. If  you see Desertstalker (Me) or JiBa <-> Jaba (My #2 guy) and have a map or game settings request just tell us, we both have remote-admin passwords with full server access so we might be able to do it for you.


August 29, 1999

I finally got FrontPage 98 today.   BIG difference of page layout and design.  The page now uses form fields instead of tables to sort data.  I have temporary link pages instead of broken links to make the page more friendly until it is fully operational.

August 28, 1999

Still working on the webpage. FrontPage Express is giving me problems...I'm hoping to get FrontPage 98 soon.  From now on all other news will be posted on the news page as well. If there is a TON of news I'll tell you it's on the news page. I'll also be using it to store older news.

August 27, 1999

Today the clan got it's first members! I'll soon have them posted on the members page!  I'll keep the site frequently updated, so come back often.