Welcome to the James Bond Unreal Clan H.Q.

February 20, 2000

I'm back in business!  I was gone for about 6 weeks or so with various family issues. But now I'm back and actively working with the clan once again! For those of you who had previously signed up and have not yet gotten a response I will be getting to those today so be patient. By the way a big thanks goes out to all the people who have been visiting the page lately.  I one month we got over 400 visits. This is a record gain for our clan. So keep comin' back.

- Lance (Desertstalker) Gilbert

January 1, 2000

Happy New Year!! Well no Y2K problems yet but I'm keeping an eye out for them.  Sorry I haven't been around much lately I've been out of state for about a week.  If possible lets set up a Unreal 1 Clan game on Sunday at 5:00 ICQ me if you won't be able to make it.

- Lance (Desertstalker) Gilbert

December 25, 1999

Merry Christmas! To all members of the JBC! We recently got ANOTHER new member so check the members page and add him to your ICQ list.

- Lance (Desertstalker) Gilbert

December 15, 1999

Not much news this time but ALL members need to try and meet on today at 7:30 MST to discuss if we should remove Xtheowl and Echo from the members page since no one has seen or heard anything from them in months.

- Lance (Desertstalker) Gilbert

December 5, 1999

Great news again! We have a new member and we have yet ANOTHER NEW SERVER!  The popular "Sniping 101" Unreal Tournament Retail server will soon be a {JBC} 24/7 dedicated server. If you have UT full version you can go to the server through UT browser. The webmaster's name is RAV007 so add him to your ICQ contacts with the message I sent you. The members page also has a new member on it.

- Lance (Desertstalker) Gilbert

November 25, 1999

Well I'm back after trying to install Windows 2000 RC2. After several re-partitions and frustrated days of work I finally managed to dual partition Win2k and Win98.  So now I'm back online with some stability. Well in other news we now have a dedicated server that is online! We now have 9 members and we will have get more soon through our new servers.  Check out the members page for more information.

- Lance (Desertstalker) Gilbert

November 7, 1999

GREAT NEWS! We finally have a server!   It's for Unreal Tournament Demo, and it's called "Bloodlore's UT Demo Server {JBC}"

We also have another member seifer (AKA Acid-God) who will me on the members page soon.  Also no update on Xtheowl OR Echo so now I'm really worried about both of them!  That's all the news for today.

- Lance (Desertstalker) Gilbert


October 22, 1999

Well we have another member.  His name is "Badmojo".  Please add him to your ICQ lists and give him a warm welcome. I FINALLY finished the "About" page and I'm going to add a download page soon. Also, if you see Xtheowl please have him e-mail me.  No-one has seen him for awhile and I'm getting kind of worried.  That's all for now.

- Lance (Desertstalker) Gilbert

October 16, 1999


In other news I've been real busy and haven't had much news lately so that's why the page hasn't  been updated for a while.   Also if you use the sign-up engine and I E-mail you PLEASE RESPOND! I've had many people request sign-up through the page, but when I e-mail them back I never get a response!

- Lance (Desertstalker) Gilbert

October 2, 1999

I'm currently adding an "about" page to the website. The link doesn't work yet so be patient. If you notice errors or the top 100 button doesn't work that's ok because it's my fault I'm working on the about button and I screwed the top 100 thingy up.

- Lance (Desertstalker) Gilbert

September 29, 1999

Sorry about the previous update, I was talking with Jiba and overclocking my video card at the same time.  Not paying attention to what I was doing and I accidentally overclocked too much... DOH!  I had to get a new heat sink but now I'm back and updating once again!  The News page WILL be updated this time so take a look it's very important clan member information.

- Lance ( sorry about that ) Gilbert

September 25, 1999

Well I made some more modifications to the webpage.  The frames are static now to make the page load faster. I also updated the links page so tell me if there are any broken links. I'm gonna update the members page soon so come back and check it.  We're now one on the Unreal Top 100 sites! The news page has some clan member news on it so be sure to read it.

- Lance (Desertstalker) Gilbert

September 24, 1999

Woohooooooooooo! The page is FINALLY up and running perfectly!  The sign-up page works without a hitch!  From now on if you see any errors please e-mail me at superlance@worldnet.att.net A.S.A.P.  I strongly encourage you to e-mail me with comments or possible improvements on the webpage. That's all for now.

-Lance (Desertstalker) Gilbert

September 21, 1999

Sorry about the previous posting.   As I was posting my whole hard drive crashed.  There has been a TON of clan stuff going on over the last few weeks so I'm going to post it on the news page. Also, GREAT news, the sign-up page is now FULLY operational. Just enter the information in and press send. I will get the e-mail in my mailbox within 24 hours. If I don't get back to you within 24 hours e-mail me at superlance@worldnet.att.net

- Lance (Desertstalker) Gilbert

September 15, 1999

Yes, I know I've been slacking off.   Well I'll try and keep the page updated more often from now on. A lot of stuff has happened in the last couple of weeks.

August 30, 1999

The page is almost up! I have 3 pages done as of "3:50 P.M. P.S.T. More will be on the way soon! Update: Just got a Dedicated Server!! Start looking for the "{JBC} James Bond Unreal Clan Server" We'll be playing team games mostly. If  you see Desertstalker (Me) or JiBa <-> Jaba (My #2 guy) and have a map or game settings request just tell us, we both have remote-admin passwords with full server access so we might be able to do it for you.


August 29, 1999

I finally got FrontPage 98 today.   BIG difference of page layout and design.  The page now uses form fields instead of tables to sort data.  I have temporary link pages instead of broken links to make the page more friendly until it is fully operational.

August 28, 1999

Still working on the webpage. FrontPage Express is giving me problems...I'm hoping to get FrontPage 98 soon.  From now on all other news will be posted on the news page as well. If there is a TON of news I'll tell you it's on the news page. I'll also be using it to store older news.

August 27, 1999

Today the clan got it's first members! I'll soon have them posted on the members page!  I'll keep the site frequently updated, so come back often.


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