About the James Bond Unreal Clan

About Us

The James Bond Unreal Clan was started on August 27, 1999. Our first member was Jiba-Jaba my #2 guy. The clan was originally a offshoot of a Unreal TC I was working on called the James Bond Unreal TC. Soon after the C++ coder disappeared and the TC fell apart.  Michael (Our map structure builder) and I are still good friends and talk quite often. I decided to ask permission to finish his maps and use them for our clan. He responded "yes" and that's how the clan got started. The next day while playing Unreal I had just started talking to Jiba and asked him to join our Clan. He decided to join and then the James Bond Unreal Clan had officially been created.   Later that night I chatted with him through ICQ. We decided that if the clan were to be successful it would need three things:

1. Members (LOTS)

2. A good webpage with a quick and easy way to get information on the clan and sign-up

3. A dedicated server

Well we don't quite have a dedicated server yet, but we have about 7 active members that communicate frequently. We have a webpage that fits our needs, with all off the things on it that help a clan expand. Even today our clan still communicates and expands, with new members. Unfortunately, until we get  a dedicated server our clan will not be complete.  If you have a dedicated server or know someone with one PLEASE encourage them to sponsor us and host our maps when they are finished.  Our clans main gaming server to meet on is the Demon Team Game Server. 

- Lance (Desertstalker) Gilbert

Clan Rules and Regulations

As for rules and regulations, they're isn't many. All we ask is that you actively participate in clan activities, recruit members, and avoid making an ass of you self on Unreal servers.